Class CombineCompletely

  extended by org.callbackparams.combine.AbstractCombineStrategy
      extended by org.callbackparams.combine.CombineCompletely
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public class CombineCompletely
extends AbstractCombineStrategy

CombineStrategy that creates all callback-records possible. The number of records will grow exponentially with each array of callback-records added to ValuesCollection and that might result in an utterly high number of callback-records that might surprise an inexperienced developer. Therefore this strategy will come with a default maxCount of 100, which must be increased if the developer intends to use this strategy to produce a larger number of callback-records.

Henrik Kaipe

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protected  Collection combineInternal(ValuesCollection vc)
          This is the method to implement when implementing CombineStrategy by subclassing AbstractCombineStrategy.
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Constructor Detail


public CombineCompletely()
Method Detail


protected Collection combineInternal(ValuesCollection vc)
Description copied from class: AbstractCombineStrategy
This is the method to implement when implementing CombineStrategy by subclassing AbstractCombineStrategy. The advantage compared to overriding AbstractCombineStrategy.combine(ValuesCollection) is that maxCount-check and validation of configuration for AbstractCombineStrategy.setMaxCount(int) and AbstractCombineStrategy.setRandomSeed(long) will be taken care of by the super-class - relieving this method to administer combining exclusivly.

Specified by:
combineInternal in class AbstractCombineStrategy

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