CallbackParams 1.0-beta-6 API

org.callbackparams Core API that is recommended for direct use in test-classes.
org.callbackparams.combine Contains the framework's built-in combine-strategies as well as their API, which can be used to develop customized combine-strategies.
org.callbackparams.combine.annotation Annotations and annotation-related combine-functionality
org.callbackparams.ext This package contains API-extensions that target development of reusable test-components to seamlessly benefit from CallbackParams in more advanced scenarios.
org.callbackparams.junit3 JUnit-3.8.x integration.
org.callbackparams.junit4 The JUnit-4.x integration - including the runner-class CallbackParamsRunner and the annotation @WrappedRunner, which together constitute the primarily recommended means for developing "CallbackParams" tests - regardless of whether the test-developer uses the API of JUnit-4.x or JUnit-3.x.
org.callbackparams.sandbox Useful resources which are not really part of the framework's API but are more like reusable implementations of it.


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