Annotation Type CallbackRecords

public @interface CallbackRecords

This annotation allows the test-developer to combine callback-records manually by annotating a static method and have it return the desired collection of explicit callback-records to use for the test.

The best practise for altering the combining is to configure a specific combine-strategy by using the @CombineConfig annotation. However, the combine-strategy approach does not make it easy to predict the exact callback-records that will result from the combining, so if there is a certain combination of callback-values that is of special interest (because it often fails, represents an exceptional case etc) then this annotation could prove useful.
When a test-class has a @CallbackRecords-method it can still configure a combine-strategy with a @CombineConfig annotation. The callback-records from the @CallbackRecords-method would then be tested first and the combined records thereafter.

Henrik Kaipe

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