Package org.callbackparams

Core API that is recommended for direct use in test-classes.


Interface Summary
CallbackControlPanel Deprecated. Use CallbackControlPanel instead!
CallbackFactory Instead of implementing a certain callback-interface it is also possible for a callback-value to provide a callback-interface implementation by implementing this interface and have the method CallbackFactory.getCallback() return an arbitrary object, which will work as a "backup" callback if it implements the callback-interface in case the original callback-value does not.

Class Summary
AdaptiveRule This alternative to JUnit-rules can be used under CallbackParams but regular JUnit-rules can of course also be used during normal circumstances.

Annotation Types Summary
ParameterizedCallback Specifies that a test-class field is to be callback-injected.
ParameterizedValue An annotated (non-static and non-final) test-class field defines a named parameter.

Package org.callbackparams Description

Core API that is recommended for direct use in test-classes. For more advanced API to use for development of reusable extensions there is the org.callbackparams.ext package!

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