Uses of Interface

Packages that use Wrapping
org.callbackparams.sandbox Useful resources which are not really part of the framework's API but are more like reusable implementations of it. 

Uses of Wrapping in org.callbackparams.sandbox

Classes in org.callbackparams.sandbox that implement Wrapping
protected static class Property.BasicImpl<T>

Uses of Wrapping in org.callbackparams.wrap

Subinterfaces of Wrapping in org.callbackparams.wrap
 interface Wrapping<V>

Classes in org.callbackparams.wrap that implement Wrapping
 class WrappingSupport<V>

Uses of Wrapping in org.callbackparams.wrap.legacy

Classes in org.callbackparams.wrap.legacy that implement Wrapping
 class WrappingLegacySupport

Methods in org.callbackparams.wrap.legacy that return Wrapping
static Wrapping[] WrappingLegacySupport.wrapArray(Class targetClass, Object[] wrappedValues)
static Wrapping WrappingLegacySupport.wrapSingle(Class targetClass, Object wrappedValue)

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