Uses of Interface

Packages that use AdaptiveRule.TestRun
org.callbackparams Core API that is recommended for direct use in test-classes. 
org.callbackparams.sandbox Useful resources which are not really part of the framework's API but are more like reusable implementations of it. 

Uses of AdaptiveRule.TestRun in org.callbackparams

Methods in org.callbackparams with parameters of type AdaptiveRule.TestRun
abstract  Object AdaptiveRule.evaluate(AdaptiveRule.TestRun testRun)

Uses of AdaptiveRule.TestRun in org.callbackparams.sandbox

Methods in org.callbackparams.sandbox with parameters of type AdaptiveRule.TestRun
 Object ExpectedExceptionSweeps.evaluate(AdaptiveRule.TestRun testrun)

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