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Packages that use CombineStrategy
org.callbackparams.combine Contains the framework's built-in combine-strategies as well as their API, which can be used to develop customized combine-strategies. 
org.callbackparams.combine.annotation Annotations and annotation-related combine-functionality 

Uses of CombineStrategy in org.callbackparams.combine

Classes in org.callbackparams.combine that implement CombineStrategy
 class AbstractCombineStrategy
          Abstract stub implementation of CombineStrategy that is intended to be a convenient super-class for most implementations.
 class CombineAllPossible2Combinations
A strategy that creates a collection of callback-records in which all possible combinations of two individual callback-parameters will be represented.
 class CombineCompletely
          CombineStrategy that creates all callback-records possible.

Uses of CombineStrategy in org.callbackparams.combine.annotation

Methods in org.callbackparams.combine.annotation that return CombineStrategy
 CombineStrategy AnnotationAwareCallbackRecordsFactory.retrieveCombineStrategy(Class testClass)

Uses of CombineStrategy in org.callbackparams.combine.reflect

Methods in org.callbackparams.combine.reflect that return CombineStrategy
 CombineStrategy CallbackRecordsFactory.retrieveCombineStrategy(Class testClass)
          The default combine strategy is CombineAllPossible2Combinations but any other strategy could be used by overriding this class or by using the @CombineConfig annotation (if using JDK-1.5+).

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