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Packages that use ValuesCollection
org.callbackparams.combine Contains the framework's built-in combine-strategies as well as their API, which can be used to develop customized combine-strategies. 

Uses of ValuesCollection in org.callbackparams.combine

Methods in org.callbackparams.combine with parameters of type ValuesCollection
 Collection CombineStrategy.combine(ValuesCollection vc)
          Implementations of this method will create a collection of callback- records based on the configuration of this CombineStrategy instance.
 Collection AbstractCombineStrategy.combine(ValuesCollection vc)
protected abstract  Collection AbstractCombineStrategy.combineInternal(ValuesCollection vc)
          This is the method to implement when implementing CombineStrategy by subclassing AbstractCombineStrategy.
protected  Collection CombineCompletely.combineInternal(ValuesCollection vc)
protected  Collection CombineAllPossible2Combinations.combineInternal(ValuesCollection vc)

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